Toni with the Leone Outfit.

The Leone's Suit is a clothing item worn by protagonist Toni Cipriani in the game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It resembles the suits worn by Leone Family members.


The suit is unlocked during the game's first mission, "Home Sweet Home" when Vincenzo Cilli tells Toni to stop at his safehouse and change into this outfit.


  • Unlike Leone members in Saint Marks, Toni's suit doesn't include the necktie and the top button is undone.
  • The Leone's Suit is a retextured version of Toni's Casual Clothes.
  • You cannot do Joseph Daniel O'Toole's missions while wearing this outfit until The Guns of Leone is completed, since he also works for the Sindacco Family who watch JD constantly and are enemies with the Leones.