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Les Cargo (GTA3)

Les Cargo docked in Portland Harbor in GTA III.

Les Cargo is a cargo ship in Grand Theft Auto III and in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Its port of registry is Liberty City itself.


By 2001, GTA III's timeline, the ship is owned by the Colombian Cartel and is seen docked in Portland Harbor. The ship is appears severely run down (with a bent transmission tower and a partially demolished superstructure) as it is used as the hidden factory for their drug, SPANK. In the mission Bomb Da Base under the order from Salvatore Leone, the ship is blown up by explosives expert 8-Ball (with help of protagonist), sinking the ship.

Chronologically speaking, the ship first appeared docked in Viceport in 1986 where it is owned by Chartered Libertine Lines. The ship's various traits, including a similar body design, a less crooked transmission tower, and a similar paint scheme, implies that the ship eventually changed hands and was renamed as Les Cargo. However, it was also common for game developers to reuse the same ship designs for following games, such is the case with another cargo ship docked at the eastern shore of Viceport in GTA Vice City to appear in Ocean Docks in GTA San Andreas.


  • The name is likely a reference to "l'escargot" (pronounced the same), the French word for The snail.
    • Possibly, it is a play on less cargo.


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