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Lester Crest is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series that appears as the deuteragonist in Grand Theft Auto V, as well as its multiplayer mode, Grand Theft Auto Online.


Grand Theft Auto Online

"Welcome to paradise."
―Lester to the player.

Lester is one of the several mission givers the player can interact with in Grand Theft Auto Online. He can be found at his house.

Right after meeting him, the player can call him and set a bounty on other players. Lester will take a cut of $1,000 from the set bounty. Putting a small bounty on a player will have one, two, or none going after the culprit. Setting a high bounty on them may get the whole game lobby after the player, excluding the victim and the player that set the bounty. This will take money from your character and the possibility of the victim going after the bounty setter.

Grand Theft Auto V

Lester is depicted as a socially awkward man who apparently has a lot of experience with technology and computing. He is overweight and disabled, due to a disease, having to often walk with a cane. Lester is an associate of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, and helps them in planning heists

Lester is also politically conscious and socially aware, paying Franklin and Michael, to assassinate people who disagree with his views. In one instance, he asks Michael to assassinate the CEO of Lifeinvader (a satirical spoof of Facebook) by placing explosives in its newly released electronic device. On another occasion, he pays Franklin to assassinate four jurors who favor the Redwood cigarette company purported due to their policy toward public health, while investing stock into the competing cigarette company, Debonaire.

After meeting Franklin, Lester will hand several assassination missions to him.

Lester also helps the three protagonists during the game's ending if the player chooses the "Deathwish" option; he helps the trio in locating Steve Haines, Devin Weston, Wei Cheng and Harold Joseph.

Mission Appearences



  • It is possible to see on Lester's LifeInvader page messages of girls asking about his true age, implying that he fakes his age in order to talk to younger women. Also, he admits to Franklin that he hacks girls webcams to watch them.
    • Trevor has also refered to him as "Lester the Molester." This may be another indication that he is a sexual deviant. It is unknown if that nickname is a serious comment or not.
    • After the FIB Building Heist, if the emergency services option is taken, Lester says "I'm going to get drunk and spy on those sorority girls again."
  • Despite his disability, he's still able to walk without a cane, as seen in The Bureau Raid.
  • Lester may in part be inspired by the character Kelso from the movie Heat. Both Kelso and Lester have physical disabilities, and both men are more involved with planning heists than with actually carrying them out.



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