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(Easter Egg)
(Easter Egg)
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<gallery captionalign="left">
<gallery captionalign="left">
Skin079.jpg|A model of the college student with the notepad drawing
Skin079.jpg|A model of the college student with the notepad drawing
Dibujoobsceno.jpg|A closer look at the notepad drawing

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Liberty Campus is a two-block district in Staunton Island, Liberty City, in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The district borders Rockford to the north, Belleville Park to the south, Fort Staunton to the east, Aspatria to the west and Newport to the southeast.


The main feature in the district is the Liberty City Community College (also known by in-game signage as "St. Matthias University"). The college was named the worst in the United States of America. As the location is primarily college grounds, college students, some in varsity jackets bearing the Liberty City Cocks based in the Liberty Memorial Coliseum in neighboring Aspatria, as a common sight in the area.

The campus itself encompasses two blocks, the southern block featuring a modern extension of the campus. According to the official GTA III website, an "LCC [(Liberty City College)] Meteorology" center is also situated within the southern half of the campus grounds.

The district also boasts a few businesses and residences, but are primarily concentrated towards the southern end of the district.

Places of interest

Carson General Hospital in neighboring Rockford is located only opposite the campus grounds. In addition, Liberty Campus is a stop along the Liberty City Subway system, its station portal located on the northeastern corner of the district.

In GTA III, a payphone located on the western edge of the district is used by the player to receive missions from King Courtney.

Easter Egg

There is a student with long hair with a notepad, if you shoot him in the back he will fall flat face down, if you look at the notepad with a sniper rifle, you can see a drawing of a male's genitalia ejaculating or urinating.


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