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Magazine Huts can be found in most places in Liberty City. They only apear in GTA IV and it's Episodes. Although a lot of items appear in the stands, only a can of Sprunk can be purchased. These huts provide quick and cheap ways of replenishing health as they only cost $1 for each Bottle of Sprunk and are easier to reach than restaurants and First-Aid kits. When players has low health it will require two Bottles of Sprunk to completely replenish the player's health which makes other fast food vendors favorable over these huts.

Food Items (un-obtainable)

  • Release Gum
  • Earthquakes
  • Meteorite Candy
  • Zebrabar Candy
  • Candybox
  • Captain's Log
  • Bag of Candy Box P`s and Q`s
  • Big Nuts
  • P's & Q's

Magazines (un-obtainable)

  • Vain
  • Talkin' Balls! (sports)
  • Single Player (games)
  • A-Z
  • Money Maker (with Brucie on front cover)
  • Headshot (firearms)
  • Wrist Action
  • BJ

Random Items (un-obtainable)

  • I heart LC Foam Finger

Cigarettes (un-obtainable)

  • Red Wood Cigarettes
  • Homies Cigars
  • Un-named Cigarettes


  • Ren`e Water
  • Canned Spunk
  • Canned Sprunk Light
  • Cola
  • Cola Light
  • Bottle of Sprunk (obtainable)

Newspapers (un-obtainable)

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