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The Liberty Penetrators is a professional men's basketball team based in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and V.

The Penetrators share the same colors as their real-life counterparts, the New York Knicks.


A ticket for a game between the Liberty Penetrators and the Liberty City Salamanders, as seen on the Rockstar Games Social Club website.

Known Players


  • Tyrone Hancock is a former player Penetrators player in the 80's, until he was banned in 1985 due to drug charges. An Eris shoe, named the Hancock in honor of the player, is colored blue and orange (the team colors).
  • The name "Penetrators" is a reference to sexual intercourse.
  • Pedestrians can be seen wearing Liberty Penetrators clothing such as hoodies, caps, etc.
  • Jimmy De Santa can often be seen wearing a Penetrators shirt in Grand Theft Auto V.

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