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The Liberty City Rampage is a Hockey team based in Liberty City. They are owned by Marki Ashvilli. Various pedestrians can be seen wearing Rampage jackets and Yusuf Amir has team memorabilia in his penthouse. Ray Bulgarin wants to buy the hockey team, but Ashvilli would not sell it. Frustrated, Ray sent Timur and Luis Lopez to the MeTV Building where Ashvilli and his private army had an office in The Ballad of Gay Tony to kill Marki in the mission Dropping In. Ray never takes control of the team, due to the fact he is killed by Luis. The team's logo resembles that of the Red Deer Rebels of the WHL, Washington Capitals' early 2000s logo, despite a different color scheme; there is also an AHL hockey team named the San Antonio Rampage.

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