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The Liberty City War Memorial is the name of two monuments in Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale, in memory of a war that occurred in Liberty City, from which it is known that treatment and that it was.

First memorial

The first memorial is located in Belleville Park, Staunton Island on the right of underground lavatories, which instead is an Obelisk and not a statue. This memorial has nothing relevant, but within two missions: See the Sight Before Your Flight (sight 6) where we take pictures to show a visitor to this memorial and Crazy '69' where several Forellis try to kill you.

Second memorial

The seond memorial is located in Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale next to the Shoreside Terminal. Unlike the first memorial that was only an obelisk, this is formed by a bent silver soldier with a flag that can probably be that of the city and a cone head.


  • This is probably the war that took place in Liberty City, may have occurred in 1936, and in the second below the memorial statue is a box that says: "For Those Who Fought for Freedom 1936".
  • Curiously there is a monument in Kansas City called "Liberty Memorial" which is almost the same way as the obelisk of Belleville Park.


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