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}Many New York City landmarks appear in the GTA IV rendition of Liberty City, including:

New York City Landmark Liberty City Equivalent
Bertelsmann Building The Spian Theaters
Brooklyn Bridge Broker Bridge
Central Park Middle Park
Chrysler Building Zirconium Building
Condé Nast Building BAWSAQ
Coney Island Firefly Island
Co-op City Northern Gardens
Doubletree Guest Suites
Empire State Building Rotterdam Tower
Erie Lackawanna Terminal
Exchange Place Center
Ferrari Showroom Grotti Showroom
Flatiron Building Triangle Building
Flushing Meadows Meadows Park
Gantry Plaza State Park Gantry Park
Grand Central Terminal Grand Easton Terminal
Hearst Tower Unamed equivalent
Helmsley Building Unamed equivalant
High Line Unamed equivalant
Lincoln Tunnel Booth Tunnel
Manhattan Bridge Algonquin Bridge
Manhattan Municipal Building Algonquin Municipal Building
Marriott Marquis Hotel Hotel Uberbrucker
MetLife Building GetaLife Building
Metropolitan Opera Randolf Art Center
Morgan Stanley Building Unamed equivalant

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Libertonian
Museum of Natural History Liberty State Natural History Museum
New York City Hall Civic Citadel
New York Public Library
One Astor Plaza MeTV Building
One Court Square (Citicorp Building) LC24 Tower
One New York Plaza Unamed equivalant
Paramount Building
Harborside Plaza 10 Harborside Plaza 10
Radio City Music Hall Live Central Music Venue
Rockefeller Center Columbus Center
Roosevelt Island Tramway Colony Island Skycar
St. Patrick's Cathedral Columbus Cathedral
Staten Island Ferry Liberty Ferry
Smallpox Hospital Old Hospital
Statue of Liberty Statue of Happiness
Times Square Star Junction
Times Square Tower
Trump Tower Cleethorpes Tower
Triborough Bridge East Borough Bridge
TWA Flight Center + LaGuardia Runway Francis International Airport
Unisphere The Monoglobe
UN Complex Civilization Committee
Washington Square Arch
Woolworth Building Woodworld Building
World Financial Center (minus Towers 1 & 4) WTF Center

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