Liberty City Magazine Hut is a magazine hut that can be found in most places in Liberty City. They only appear in Grand Theft Auto IV and its Episodes. Although a lot of items appear in the stands, only a can of Sprunk can be purchased. These huts provide quick and cheap ways of replenishing health as they only cost $1 for each Bottle of Sprunk and are easier to reach than restaurants and fast food vendors favorable over these huts.

Food Items (un-obtainable)

Magazines (un-obtainable)

Random Items (un-obtainable)

  • I heart LC Foam Finger

Cigarettes (un-obtainable)


  • Raine
  • Canned Sprunk
  • Canned Sprunk Light
  • ECola
  • ECola Light
  • Bottle of Sprunk (obtainable)

Newspapers (un-obtainable)