Carl Johnson meets OG Loc at employees door at the back of the Burger Shot.
CJ Looking real technical, gangsta! *laughs*
OG Loc Carl? You ain't run off again yet?
CJ No, gangsta, I'm here for good.
OG Loc Yeah? Well, fuck this gig, man. I'm putting together a listening party for my album, but first I need a sound system...
CJ Hey, I'm down, as long as I don't have to go to the party.
OG Loc What you talking about, fool? Guaranteed I start playing, everybody'll come through.
CJ Beign real, OG, I really ain't into rap no more. I'm more into that hardcore gangster shit.
OG Loc Well that's me, homie, that's me! OG Loc, baby!
CJ Yeah, yeah, for sure. But I only like them if they rhyme real well...Y'know, well...Anyway, what you want me to steal?
OG Loc That's what I'm talking about, love for your homies... Now check it, I caught me a real fly sound system cruising through the drive-thru. I think they headed down to the beach for a beach party. Now check this out, I'll roll with you, and on the way I'll kick a couple of freestyles... It's OG Loc in the place, Y'all want to stop me with a gun in your face, OG! OG!
CJ Yeah yeah yeah yeah, man, look, shut the fuck up. Maybe I need to do this on my own. I believe in you. Gangster 4 life, homie. 4 life!
OG Loc Yeah - for life, homie...
CJ goes to Verona Beach and finds a party not far from Verona Beach Gym.
DJ Hey, what's popping?
CJ Just hanging out, you know...
DJ Well why don't you come and dance?
CJ Yeah, for sure!
DJ Let's see what you got...
CJ dances at the party in order to impress DJ and gain access to the sound van.
DJ You got some moves, wanna come and chat?
CJ Yeah, for sure, thats sounds nice.
DJ Let me take you into my office...
CJ and DJ girl sit into the Pony. Moments later CJ pushes the girl out of the car and drives away.
DJ He's stealing the sounds!
CJ drives sound van to Commerce Garage, while being chased by Voodoo and Oceanic.