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LifeInvader Offices

The Lifeinvader offices

The Lifeinvader Office houses the headquarters for the online social networking service and company, Lifeinvader, in Los Santos. Based upon screenshots it is located near two telephone booths. The exterior of the office features numerous signs displaying the company's logo.

Events of Friend Request

Michael waits at the back of the office's entrance as an employee walks outside for a smoke and let's him in, asking to resolve the endless spam mail on his computer.


  • Signs featured in the building's interior:
    • Attention visitors and personnel: In these premises are subject to search.
  • Attention: It is forbidden to smoke in these premises.
  • Invader zone, yoga zone, tech stop, sweat lodge and invader cafe.
  • Advertisments featured in the building's interior:
  • Arcade mini-game, QUB3D, can be seen as Michael exits the building
  • Spam mail:
    • Live membership chat
    • Online medication

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