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"For the past 40 years, our customers have trusted in the comfortable mediocrity of the LTD brand. We're open around the clock for your every convenience. Need change? No problem! Unlike some service stations that only keep a limited amount of cash on hand, our registers are always well-stocked and ready to serve you any time of day"
―GTA V digital manual

Limited Service is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations in Los Santos. This business appears in Grand Theft Auto V. The name could be a reference to how gas stations usually have poor customer service. The name Limited Gasoline could also refer to limited oil resources.


Limited Service is located in Los Santos, where you can purchase items. 



  • Limited Service is a parody of the real life gas station chain Union 76This is evident by the big orange ball with the LTD logo in front of many of their gas stations, which are very similar to those found at Union 76 gas stations.


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