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Lincoln Atwood is currently an inmate at the Alderny State Correctional facility. He is serving a life sentence for robbing a liquor store and shooting a police officer in the process. 

High school years

Lincoln attended Graysford Academy most likely a private school telling by its name. He was a graduate in the class of 1998. Which suggest he would have been a student at Graysford from 1994-1998. He apparently was doing well after high school according to his Bio on He sates he moved in with his girlfriend found a good job working as a mechanic and was setting up a plan for a family. 


One night sometime in 2005 Lincoln got stoned on whiskey and PCP and decided to hold up a liquor store. He claims it sounded like a good idea at the time. An officer that responded to the call was shot by Lincoln thus killing the officer instantly. He is currently three years into a life sentence in the Alderney State Correctional facility during the events of Grand Theft Auto IV . He happens to be the "prison bitch" of a biker going by the name of Digger Brass. If Lincoln graduated on time he must have been twenty five years old at the time of his arrest. Making him twenty eight years old by the events of Grand Theft Auto IV. He states he only wants cigarettes and a visit from his high school friends. Apparently Digger tends to force Lincoln to shave his legs and also sleeps with Lincoln in his bed. 


  • Surprisingly with all the effort put into Lincoln he doesn't have a record in the LCPD database.

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