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Links View Apartment in GTA Vice City.

Links View Apartment is a residential building in western Vice Point, Vice City, prominently featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as one of the player's safehouse.

Vcs 19

The Links View Ap. (behind) in GTA VCS.


Available for purchase immediately after "In the beginning...", Links View Apartment is a solidarity low-rise apartment overlooking Leaf Links golf course from across the canal operating the two districts; the name of the apartment is likely to be based on the golf course. The safehouse is also located directly south of a nearby Pay N' Spray.

The safehouse is moderately costly, costing $6,000 to purchase due largely to the safehouse featuring a garage for one vehicle; a second random road vehicle will spawn within the safehouse's compound. Upon purchase, the apartment becomes a save point for the player to save games. Like most other safehouses, Links View Apartment has no interior. It is a good idea to purchase this safehouse when doing Avery's and Diaz's missions.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, a PCJ-600 can be found parked here.

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