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Liquidity Risk is a Strangers and Freaks side mission given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Dom Beasley.


Franklin meets Dom at the Los Santos International Airport. After a brief cutscene, the two mount Blazer quads and drive onto the airport's tarmac. Franklin follows Dom up the ramp of a rolling cargo plane. Once both are inside, the plane takes off.

After a brief dialogue sequence, the player regains control of Franklin still on the Blazer in the belly of the plane. Franklin and Dom drive out of the plane and engage in aerial acrobatics using the quads. Franklin can abandon the quad at any time. Assuming he survives the jump, he meets Dom on the southwestern shore of the Alamo Sea. After another brief cutscene, Dom takes off on a Seashark and the mission ends.

Mission Objectives

  • Follow Dom.
  • Jump off the Cargo Plane with the Blazer.
  • Go to the landing zone.
  • Go to Dom.

Gold Medal Completion

  • Dive Bomber - Survive a water landing without opening the parachute
    • Use Franklin's special ability just before landing, as it reduces damage taken while on and when falling out of a ground vehicle.
  • Sky Blazer - Perform 8 flips on the Blazer.


Lifeinvader Posts

  • Dom Beasley - "I'd send you the bill for our playdate today but it would bankrupt you! :-) Seriously dude how next-level was that? I bet there aren't many guys in your neighborhood who can say they've driven a quad bike out of a plane???"


The mission "Liquidity Risk" starts at 12:56.

GTA 5 - Dom 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough-226:31

GTA 5 - Dom 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough-2


  • This mission and Minor Turbulence are the only two missions in GTA V where the Cargo Plane appears.
  • This mission is very similar to the mission Stowaway from GTA: San Andreas, as both missions involve chasing a moving cargo plane (in this case the Andromada) with a vehicle and driving it up the plane's ramp. The take-off cutscenes are also similar. 
  • During the trip for the Cargo Plane, a Jet is seen from a side of the runway, which compared to the normal gameplay, is rather uncommon.
  • Completing this mission unlocks the Skydiving outfit for Franklin to wear in free roam.
  • As with the previous mission, actually landing in the landing zone is not necessary to complete the mission; in fact for the Gold Medal, Franklin actually needs to land in the water.


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