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Liquor Ace (also known as Ace Liquor) is a small, run-down alcohol shop seen in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is owned by Trevor Philips and Chef, which is used as a meth lab as a part of Trevor Philips Enterprises. It is located in Sandy ShoresBlaine County. The name sounds like "lick her ass" when read quickly. 

Events of GTA Online

The GTA Online Protagonist is hired by Gerald to attack Ace Liquor and steal a Journey full of meth. The player manages to kill several guards before stealing the RV. The player takes the RV to the You Tool hardware store where there will be two people waiting for the delivery.

Later, the player is again required to steal an RV. By this time, the player is hired by Trevor Philips Enterprises. This time around, however, the player must bring the RV back to Ace Liquor, where Chef will be waiting.

Events of GTA V

While Trevor Philips is giving Tao Cheng and his interpreter a tour of Ace Liquor, they are suddenly ambushed by the Varrios Los Aztecas. Trevor throws the two men into a cooler and heads inside with Chef to defend the Ace Liquor. After a hard battle, Trevor manages to kill most of the Aztecas and succeeds in the defence of his meth lab.

A while later, Michael De Santa and his crew plan the The Paleto Score in Ace Liquor.

Mission Appearances

GTA Online



  • The store has discounted beers and lottery tickets.
  • The name of the store is pronounced as, "Lick Her Ass", which is another one of Rockstar's sexual humor.
    • In a Weazel News broadcast, it is referred to as Ace Liquor, which sounds like "Ass Licker".
  • There is an ad for Cerveza Barracho Beer on the front of the building.
  • Hookers are able to be picked up from the front of the building.
  • Signs featured in the interior and exterior of Yellow Jack Inn.
  • Near the bar's entrance, a sign for Seaton Sands Monster Truck Festival is displayed. The name is clearly a reference to Seton Sands, a rocky beach to the east of Port Seton in Scotland. Rockstar Games have referenced other Scottish icons such as the town of Hawick and the Flag of Scotland in the game.
  • On the entrance to the bar, signs for companies such as Phat Chips, Logger Beer, FLEECA, Benedict Light Beer, Pisswasser and Shark are present.
  • In Grand Theft Auto Online, you are able to buy drinks, snacks, or rob the store. This is because Grand Theft Auto Online takes place before the events of Grand Theft Auto V, when it turned into a meth lab owned by Trevor Philips and Chef.

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