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GTASA MarketMiniMall

A mini mall in Market, north of the Verona Mall.

Liquor Deli is a business with three locations, the first two being in Idlewood and Market, Los Santos during GTA: San Andreas, and the third being located in Davis, Los Santos during GTA V. The Idlewood shop is near the Alhambra club, across the street from the Going gas station. A mini mall in Market just north of the Verona Mall houses the other location. The Liquor Deli likely has products found in your normal deli and liquor store, though the player cannot access either location to find out. The store plays no role in the storyline whatsoever. During GTA V the store is still unnaccessible. 


  • Since the Idlewood store in GTA SA is based of circa the same area of Los Angeles as Davis in GTA V is, The two stores might be linked, but it is most unlikely.

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