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(Numbered Highways in San Andreas)
(Numbered Highways in San Andreas)
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===[[Numbered Highways in San Andreas]]===
===[[Numbered Highways in San Andreas]]===
*[[Algonquin Boulevard]]
*[[Algonquin Boulevard]]
*[[Alta Street]]
*[[Bay City Ave]]
*[[Bay City Ave]]
*[[Carson Avenue]]
*[[Carson Avenue]]

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In the 3D Universe, streets were rarely assigned a name. In Grand Theft Auto IV, due to the increased level of detail, every street has a name, which is useful for establishing locations.

Liberty City (3D Universe)

Vice City

San Andreas

Liberty City (HD Universe)

Some street names in GTA IV have certain themes associated to them: for example, each of the main horizontal streets in Algonquin is named after a mineral.

Alderney Algonquin Bohan Broker & Dukes
Liberty City Road Map 12

Liberty City Road Map

Los Santos

Interstate System in GTA V

Numbered Highways in San Andreas


  • There is a glitch on Cayuga Ave where parked cars will spawn in the middle of the road where cars normally drive.
  • There is another glitch at the eastern part of Vauxite St. Just before you reach Cod Row, the game does a sort of quick freeze and the cars driving around you disappear. This also occurs on Plumber's Skyway right before you reach Asahara Rd

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