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Lithium FM is the Loonies' favorite station in Grand Theft Auto 2 that can only be heard in the Downtown District. It is presented by the schizophrenic DJ, Spaz Funbags, who plays a random array of music, consisting of techno, dance music, Christian pop and oldies. After the mission "Radio Za-Za!", the Zaibatsu Corporation is stuck listening to this station, because Futuro FM's building in the Downtown District is gone.


  • Tsunami - F.A.G. Filter
  • Tammy Boness & The Swingin' Mammaries - The Diner
  • Commercial for "Crazy CJ's". a fast food restaurant.
  • Commercial for "S-Uzi", a brand of machine gun.
  • Voice Box - Computer Lust
  • News; regards rapper Robert DeNegro.
  • Comercial for "Super Leaded Gasoline".
  • Rev. Rooney & The Rocksta Choir - God Bless All The Universe

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