Little Havana in GTA Vice City, as viewed to the southeast at night.

LittleHavana Map

Little Havana location

Little Havana is a district in Vice City, Florida. It is on the western island, next to the districts of Vice Port, Escobar International Airport, Little Haiti and Starfish Island via Bridge. Little Havana is also the location of four Empire Building sites. Little Havana had a population of 2,608 as of 1984.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 1986, Little Havana is the war zone for the Haitians and Cubans. The Cubans are trying to defend their territory from the Haitians. Both gangs vie for total control of the run-down area. Tommy Vercetti, head of the Vercetti Gang, was recruited by the Cubans to help in their turf war, but also worked for the Haitians. He later proved to be a tremendous ally by helping the Cubans destroy the Haitians' drug factory.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories in 1984, Little Havana is under control of the Cholos gang. The Cubans appear to be feuding with The Cholos for control of Little Havana. At the same time Marty Jay Williams is fighting against the Cholos for control of the criminal activity in the area. The area comes under Cuban control when the Cholos' warehouse in Little Haiti was destroyed, leaving them without territories in the area.

There is a mural painting of Cuban leader Umberto Robina on a wall, done to resemble rebel leader Che Guevara, with the words "Libre Havana" (Free Havana) beside it.

Little Havana is based on the real-life neighborhood of Miami with the same name.

The Libre Havana mural.




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