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'''Little Italy''' is a district in [[Liberty City]]. In [[Grand Theft Auto III]] it was called [[Fort Staunton]], after "Little Italy" was destroyed by [[Toni Cipriani]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]].
*[[Fort Staunton]] - A neighborhood featured in [[Grand Theft Auto III]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]].
==GTA III Era Overview==
*[[Little Italy, Algonquin]] - A neighborhood featured in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]].
{{main|Fort Staunton}}
The district itself was not called Little Italy and was considered part of the area of Fort Staunton. Sometime between 1992 and 1998, the [[Forelli Family]] moved its operations here from [[Saint Marks]] (notably [[Marco's Bistro]]). It was here that [[Franco Forelli]] ran the operations of the family. In 1998, Toni Cipriani entered the abandoned subway system that ran underneath the area in order to demolish the area and allow [[Donald Love]] to begin a deal with the [[Panlantic Construction Company]], which involved a large area of land (none of which was available prior to the destruction of the neighborhood). The Forellis had begun using the abandoned tunnels to store weapons, further adding to the destruction of the neighborhood once the bombs that Toni had placed were set off. The district was destroyed, killing many people, including Franco Forelli (presumably, as he is not mentioned or heard from after this incident). Soon after, Donald Love and the Panlantic Company begin renovating the area, with the Colombian Cartel eventually gaining control of the area by 2001, and the Yakuza stealing it from them that same year.
==GTA IV Era==
Little Italy is the smallest neighborhood in [[GTA IV]]. It is located in southern [[Algonquin]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. It is bordered to the north by [[Feldspar|Feldspar Street]]([[Suffolk]]); to the south by [[Emerald Street ]]([[Chinatown, Algonquin|Chinatown]]); to the east by [[Columbus Ave]]nue ([[Lower Easton]]) and to the west by [[Liberty Lane]] ([[City Hall (Liberty City)|City Hall]]). These borders make Little Italy the smallest neighborhood in all of [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]] and ''Grand Theft Auto IV'' in general.
[[File:Littleitaly.png|thumb|The small district of Little Italy (red) in the Liberty City map.]]
Little Italy, being an Italian enclave, has a heavy presence of the [[The Commission|Italian Mafia]]. It gives the impression of being an "old-world", working-class neighborhood with its cobbled, narrow streets. As with many of the older, old immigrant-heavy neighborhoods in the city, the neighborhood features a number of pre-war style tenements, with many alleyways intersecting the short city blocks. Most of the neighborhood's aforementioned restaurants are clustered along Brown Place, whereas [[Denver Ave]]nue serves as the main commercial strip.
===Places of Interest===
As Little Italy is the smallest neighborhood in GTA IV, Little Italy does not have many places of interest of its own. [[Drusilla's]], an Italian restaurant, owned by Pegorino family caporegime [[Ray Boccino]] is located at the intersection of Denver Avenue and Feldspar Street, and is a major legitimate front for the New Jersey crime family. [[Gelateria Pasta Liquor Pizza]] is another Italian restaurant across the street at Denver Avenue and [[Emerald Street]], meaning two Italian restaurants are accessible. [[Kiki Jenkins]], one of the women Niko is able to date, owns an apartment on Feldspar Street between Brown Place and Denver Avenue. In [[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars]], the leader of the Triads, [[Hsin Jaoming]], owns a penthouse in the neighborhood. Despite not having many places of interest, Little Italy is close to many attractions in other neighborhoods, such as the [[Rotterdam Tower]] in [[The Triangle]] and the [[Civic Citadel]] in [[City Hall]].
Little Italy is a copy of Manhattan's [[wp:Little Italy, Manhattan|Little Italy]] neighborhood. Everything about the GTA IV neighborhood (obviously its name, its size, its cobbled streets, the heavily Italian presence, its architecture) is reminiscent of the actual neighborhood.
While Little Italy is not directly served by the [[Subway in GTA IV|Liberty City Subway]], there are two stations within proximity of the neighborhood. The [[Suffolk LTA|Suffolk]] station on the [[K/C Algonquin Inner Line]] is located on Garnet Street between Back Passage and Ersatz Row in its namesake neighborhood; the station is underneath the [[Rotterdam Tower]] and as such, is a popular stop for people wishing to visit it, as mobsters may be seen at the station as well. The [[Feldspar LTA|Feldspar]] station on the [[A/J Algonquin Outer Line]] is located at the intersection of Emerald Street, [[Frankfort Avenue]], and [[Union Drive West]], at the borders of [[Castle Garden City]], City Hall, and Suffolk.
*[[Kiki Jenkins]]
*[[Gay Tony]]
[[File:LITTLEITALY.jpg|thumb|400px|Feldspar Street (across) in Little Italy, viewed to the south with City Hall in the background]]
*Little Italy is a good spot to find rare sports cars like the [[Sentinel XS]], [[PMP 600|PMP 600 Sport]], and [[Turismo]] because of the [[The Commission|Italian Mafia]] Members that drive them.
*Like [[Downtown Vice City]], Little Italy has parking meters, but unlike the previous, they do not give out money and are purely for enviromental purposes.
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[[Category:Areas in Algonquin]]

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