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Postcard for Little Seoul, as seen in the GTAV digital manual

"A bustling Korean enclave packed with cafes, convenience stores, bars and mysterious businesses open 24/7 that you need to knock on a door to get into. Little Seoul is an up-and-coming neighborhood for foodies, students getting wasted on soju and gang members."
GTAV digital manual

Little Seoul is a neighborhood of Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. The neighbourhood has an Oriental atomsphere, considering the inhabitants.


The neighborhood is a Korean-influenced neighbourhood, even though Chinese Triads have some territory.

Events of GTA V


Gang control

  • The Korean Mob and the Chinese Los Santos Triads can be found here. They tend to congregate at an apartment complex across the street from the car wash/convenience store, on Ginger Street.

Notable residents


Places of interest

  • Betsy O'Neil Pavilion based off the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on San Andreas Ave. In real life, the pavilion is in the downtown area and the in-game rendition is completely rectangular.
  • Wilshire Colonnade. The buildings are much closer together than in real-life.
  • Wilshire Spa towers.
  • The famous Wiltern Theater making appearance as the Valdez Theater on San Andreas Ave.
  • The Wilshire Christian Church.
  • Beaudry Building.
  • Equitable Life tower.
  • Wilshire Christian Manor
  • 5900 Wilshire
  • Wilshire Courtyard, although it's found in Hawick.


Roads and Streets



  • A sign showing the direction of Little Seoul can be seen in the GTA V preview trailer.
  • In real-life, Seoul is the capital city of South Korea.



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