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"Hey Roman. Who is the steroid junkie?"
Niko Bellic, upon meeting Brucie Kibbutz.

Logging On is a mission given to Niko Bellic by his cousin, Roman in Grand Theft Auto IV. It also introduces computer usage, TW@ Internet Cafés, and the ingame internet. It is also the first appearance of Brucie Kibbutz.


Head over to the taxi office in Broker and see Roman, who will be hanging out with a new meathead friend of his who just can't seem to stop exercising - Brucie Kibbutz. Roman tells Niko that he is annoyed that he can't send Niko e-mails.

Head over to the TW@ Internet Café on Oneida Avenue nearby. Get inside the TW@ location. You'll meet Alejandra, one of Roman's friends. Use one of the computers and get to the EyeFind Mail Service. Activate your e-mail account by replying positively or negatively to the introduction e-mail. You can spend some time browsing the internet or log out and leave the cafe.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the internet cafe.
  • Go and speak to the assistant in the cafe.
  • Go and use one of the computer terminals.
  • Check your email
  • Reply positively to activate your account
  • Log off the computer terminal
  • Leave the internet cafe

Video Walkthrough


Niko will call his cousin to inform about getting on the line. He will respond on Alejandra's breasts.

Roman will call back asking for Niko to steal certain cars for Brucie over e-mail.



  • Before this mission, the woman who runs the internet cafe on Oneida Avenue, is not seen, and a man working there will be seen in her place. It is interesting to note, that the Internet Cafe that the women works at Oneida Avenue, is the only Internet Cafe she works at, as the other Internet Cafes are owned by male workers. ones with the same character model as the one before this mission.
  • This is Roman's 10th mission appearence.

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