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Lombank is an American chain of banks in the HD Universe that appears in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


The bank's logo resembles that of the US BankCitibank and HSBC, while its name may be taken from Lombard Street, a street in London that is the former home of most British banks. Lombank is apparently affiliated with the Bank of Liberty, as their ATMs have Bank of Liberty interfaces. The company shares are traded on the BAWSAQ exchange.

Radio Commercial

Male Voice: At Lombank, we're with you every step of the way.

Female Imaging Voice: We sell your dreams!

Male Voice: We're not a soulless monolithic institution.

Female Imaging Voice: We are, but we use nostalgic imagery.

Male Voice: Its walking into your dream home.

Female Imaging Voice: You can't really afford it, we'll lend you the money anyway.

Male Voice: Its kids graduating from college.

Female Imaging Voice: With pointless degrees riddled with debt.

Male Voice: Its happy picnics on the beach.

Female Imaging Voice: There's sewage in the water!

Male Voice: Family portraits with everyone dressed the same.

Female Imaging Voice: You look like twats!

Male Voice: Canoeing in the lake.

Female Imaging Voice: By the power station.

Male Voice: Catching fireflies in a jar.

Female Imaging Voice: And watching them die!

Male Voice: Cheering at high school football games.

Female Imaging Voice: The kids are giving each other brain damage!

Male Voice: These are the things our lives are made of.

Female Imaging Voice: Interest rates only 33.4%!

Male Voice: Lombank. We're the American bank that truly, more or less, cares.

Female Imaging Voice: About profits!


Liberty City

Los Santos

Lombank has two main offices as well as three smaller branches.


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