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Lonely Guy (dubbed "Lonely guy" in-game) is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. His only appearence in the game is when he sends an email to protagonist Huang Lee.


In his email, Lonely Guy shares his experience and suggests that Huang visits three "love sites".

"Lonely guy

(SPAM?) Find love, real Love


For so long I was alone. Everyone was finding love, getting married and having kids. But, for me, there was only emptiness. I wondered if I would ever find someone special to share my life with. I felt like a freak.

Then I received an email, like this one, and found love online. I can't believe how happy I am now I've found my soul-mate.

You too can find the one for you - and remember, you're not alone , you're not a freak.

Join us at:





  • Curiously enough, the names of the sites sound rather pornographic, which wouldn't be strange to Rockstar's sexual humour.

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