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Los Puerta Freeway

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The Los Puerta Freeway is a freeway that appears in GTA V. It is seen on a freeway sign on the GTA V trailer, showing its North/South alignment.


  • The freeway uses the route number 5, so it is likely based on the real-life Interstate 5.
  • "Los Puerta" is another example of incorrect Spanish in a GTA game, as it should either be "Los Puertos" (masculine plural for "the ports") or "La Puerta" (feminine singular for "the door").
  • In real life, Interstate 5, passes through both Los Angeles and San Diego is called "San Diego Freeway". This could be a hint that Los Puerta is another city, possibly based on San Diego, also since in real life San Diego Borders Mexico, the name "Los Puerta" that can mean "the Door" could mean the inclusion of Mexico since San Diego is "the Door to the USA" to many mexican people, Rockstar may be doing this similar as they did in Red Dead Redemption.


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