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This article is about the city of Los Santos in GTA V. For the city in GTA San Andreas, see Los Santos (3D Universe)'

Los Santos is a fictional city located in the southwest part of United States in the state of San Andreas in the Grand Theft Auto series and is its 2nd appearence. The city will be the main setting of Grand Theft Auto V. Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, California. Los Santos is spanish for "The Saints", a play on "The Angels". The city is located within Los Santos County.

The city was first revealed in the debut trailer of GTA V.

Landmarks and businesses



North Los Santos (West & East)

North Los Santos is the neighbourhoods sorrounding the northern parts of Los Santos, including suburban areas and wealthy districts.

Central Los Santos

Central Los Santos is a the districts sorrounding the central portion of Los Santos, including the urban areas of the city aswell as many high-rises.

South Los Santos (West & East)

South Los Santos is the neighbourhoods sorrounding the southern areas of Los Santos, The south-central districts has several low-income housing projects and garbage pilling up the streets, while the east and western districts are more affluent. South Los Santos is mostly based of South Los Angeles, aswell as the city of Long Beach.

Neighbourhoods with unknown location

Confirmed Neighborhoods

Law Enforcement

The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) is the law enforcement agency that serves Los Santos, along with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. It is unknown if LSPD is independent, or still a branch of the San Andreas Police Department. Their motto is "Obey & Survive", which is inscripted on their squad cars. Like the LCPD, they use the Vapid Police Cruiser and the Police Maverick as their main squad and helicopter units respectively. An official Grand Theft Auto V artwork suggests that female police officers will be in the game for the first time in the series history.



  • On November 3rd of 2011, Rockstar Games revealed that Los Santos' Grand Theft Auto V rendition will be bigger and contain rural areas, valleys, and beaches. (Source).
  • After travelling long enough in GTA IV the stats will record miles travelled from Liberty City to Los Santos.
  • The pedestrian stop/start walk signs show a man strutting.
  • Los Santos is the first city in the GTA series with an elementary school.


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