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#REDIRECT [[Los Santos International Airport]]
'''Los Santos Airport''' is an airport which is appearing within the upcoming game of [[Grand Theft Auto V]] and is located within the south west parts of [[Los Santos]], near the docks. It also seems that, judging by [[Michael]]'s trailer, a mission will also be set in the airport.
<gallery orientation="landscape" columns="3" spacing="small" captionposition="below" captionsize="medium">
Los Santos Airport.png|Location of Los Santos Airport, within the south west of [[Los Santos]].
landing airliner.jpg|An airliner landing in the airport as seen in Michael's trailer
GTA 5 airport.jpg|Another view of the airport in the same trailer
*Los Santos Airport is currently the only known international airport in [[Grand Theft Auto V]], despite the fact that a small airfield also seems to be present in [[Blaine County]].
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