"What can the best mechanic in LS do for you?"
— One of the mechanic's quotes when the player drives into LSC

The Los Santos Customs Mechanic (real name unknown), is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The mechanic works in all branches of Los Santos Customs, excluding the location near Los Santos International Airport, which is run by Hao. He also works at Beeker's Garage.

The Mechanic is generally friendly, although may be short with the character if they drive in and out, asking "What's wrong with her now?" He may also say this when the player drives in. The mechanic, like Hao, can be killed, but will respawn.


"You got some beef with the Ballas or something?"
— When the player installs armour.
"Stops on a dime. Seriously."
— Upon installing brakes.
"That's a hell of a ride."
— When the player drives in a super car.
"These tires are hardcore!"
— When the player installs bulletproof tires.
"They use this stuff on armoured cars you know!"
— When the player adds bulletproof tires.



  • The Mechanic treats downloadable-content cars such as the Turismo R, Zentorno and T20 as regular cars, and will say regular quotes such as "What brings you in today?", rather than the ones designated for vehicles implemented before any DLC ever came out, like the Adder, Entity XF or Cheetah.
  • In single player, if the player drives into the garage but promptly exits without purchasing anything, the mechanic will say something like, "Did you need something or are you just being a dick?"

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