In Grand Theft Auto Online, selling stolen vehicles is a profitable way of making quick cash.

Payment for vehicles varies between $500 and $17,500. Generally, luxury coupes and SUVs are the most valuable. Players can modify cars in order to sell them for more money, but, as of Title Update 1.10, vehicles without a tracker cannot be sold for more than $10,000.

Note: Stolen personal vehicles and stolen high end vehicles (valued at $50,000 and higher) cannot be sold at Los Santos Customs. Players can only sell a vehicle once per day (in-game) or 48 minutes in real-time.


The prices listed here are for vehicles which arrive in mint condition. If the vehicle has been damaged, the value will reduce by the same amount that it will cost to repair the vehicle. Thus, when going to sell a vehicle to Los Santos Customs, the player will receive the same profit whether they repair the vehicle or not.

Make Model Type Selling Price
Lampadati Felon GT Coupes $9,500
Übermacht Sentinel Coupes $9,500
Gallivanter Baller SUVs $9,000
Lampadati Felon Coupes $9,000
Canis Mesa (Merryweather) SUVs $8,500 (Unsellable as of 1.10)
Obey Rocoto SUVs $8,500
Übermacht Oracle XS Coupes $8,200 (as of the Heists Update)
Übermacht Oracle Coupes $8,000
Benefactor Schwartzer Sports $8,000
Ocelot F620 Coupes $8,000
Albany Cavalcade SUVs $7,000
Benefactor Dubsta SUVs $7,000
Benefactor Schafter Sedans $6,500
Übermacht Zion Cabrio Coupes $6,500
Übermacht Zion Coupes $6,200
Benefactor Serrano SUVs $6,000
Ocelot Jackal Coupes $6,000
Übermacht Sentinel XS Sports $6,000
Dundreary Landstalker SUVs $5,800
Obey Tailgater Sedans $5,500
Fathom FQ 2 SUVs $5,000
Mammoth Patriot SUVs $5,000
Chariot Romero Hearse Sedans $4,500
Vapid Sandking SWB Off-Road $4,500
Vapid Sandking XL Off-Road $4,500
Emperor Habanero SUVs $4,200
Cheval Surge Sedans $3,800
Schyster Fusilade Sports $3,600
Bravado Buffalo Sports $3,500
Declasse Granger SUVs $3,500
Vapid Dominator Muscle $3,500
Vapid Sadler Utility $3,500
Bravado Gauntlet Muscle $3,200
Vapid Radius SUVs $3,200
Bravado Bison Vans $3,000
Canis Mesa SUVs $3,000
Canis Seminole SUVs $3,000
Declasse Tornado Sports Classic $3,000
Vapid Minivan Vans $3,000
Bravado Gresley SUVs $2,900
Albany Buccaneer Muscle $2,800
Karin BeeJay XL SUVs $2,700
Karin Asterope Sedans $2,600
Bollokan Prairie Coupes $2,500
Karin Dilettante Compact $2,500
Cheval Fugitive Sedans $2,400
Maibatsu Penumbra Sports $2,400
Vapid Bobcat XL Vans $2,300
Declasse Vigero Muscle $2,100
Imponte Phoenix Muscle $2,000
Western Daemon Motorcycle $2,000
Weeny Issi Compact $1,800
BF Injection Off-Road $1,600
Bravado Youga Vans $1,600
Dinka Blista Compact $1,600
Karin Intruder Sedans $1,600
Western Bagger Motorcycle $1,600
Albany Washington Sedans $1,500
Bravado Duneloader Off-Road $1,500
Declasse Sabre Turbo Muscle $1,500
Vapid Speedo Vans $1,500
Bravado Rumpo Vans $1,300
Declasse Asea Sedans $1,200
Karin Sultan Sports $1,200
Principe Nemesis Motorcycle $1,200
Vapid Peyote Sports Classic $1,200
Declasse Premier Sedans $1,000
Imponte Ruiner Muscle $1,000
Pegassi Ruffian Motorcycle $1,000
Vapid Stanier Sedans $1,000
Zirconium Stratum Sedans $1,000
Albany Primo Sedans $900
Cheval Picador Muscle $900
Declasse Rancher XL Off-Road $900
Karin Futo Sports $900
Shitzu PCJ-600 Motorcycle $900
Shitzu Vader Motorcycle $900
Vulcar Ingot Sedans $900
Nagasaki Blazer Off-Road $800
Albany Emperor Sedans $800
Albany Manana Sports Classic $800
Dundreary Regina Sedans $800
Karin Rebel Off-Road $700
Maibatsu Sanchez Motorcycle $700
BF Surfer Vans $500
Declasse Voodoo Muscle $500
Pegassi Faggio Motorcycle $500


Some vehicles cannot be sold because they can be acquired for free through Legendary Motorsport or Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Others are "too hot", meaning the staff at Los Santos Customs believes the car is stolen and will not touch it. Others cannot be modified for which no reason is given.

Make Model Type Reason
Annis Elegy RH8 Sports Free Car- Can't Sell
Benefactor Feltzer Sports Too Hot ($14,500 when bought)
Benefactor Surano Sports Too Hot ($11,000 when bought)
Bravado Banshee Sports Too Hot ($10,000 when bought)
Declasse Burrito Vans Can't Mod/Can't Sell
Coil Voltic Super Too Hot ($15,000 when bought)
Dewbauchee Exemplar Coupes Too Hot ($20,500 when bought)
Dewbauchee JB 700 Sports Classic Too Hot ($47,500 when bought)
Dewbauchee Rapid GT Sports Too Hot
Dewbauchee Rapid GT Cabrio Sports Too Hot
Dinka Akuma Motorcycle Too Hot
Dinka Thrust Motorcyle Too Hot ($75,000 when bought)
Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio Coupes Too Hot ($18,500 when bought)
Enus Super Diamond Sports Too Hot ($25,000 when bought)
Grotti Carbonizzare Sports Too Hot ($19,500 when bought)
Grotti Cheetah Super Too Hot
Grotti Stinger Sports Classic Too Hot
Grotti Stinger GT Sports Classic Too Hot
Hijak Khamelion Sports Free Car- Can't Sell
Invetero Coquette Sports Too Hot ($13,800 when bought)
Liberty City Cycles Hexer Motorcycle Too Hot
Nagasaki Carbon RS Motorcycle Free Car- Can't Sell
Obey 9F Sports Too Hot ($12,000 when bought)
Obey 9F Cabrio Sports Too Hot ($13,000 when bought)
Overflod Entity XF Super Too Hot
Pegassi Bati 801 Motorcycle Too Hot
Pegassi Bati 801RR Motorcycle Too Hot
Pegassi Infernus Super Too Hot ($44,000 when bought)
Pegassi Monroe Sports Classic Too Hot ($49,000 when bought)
Pegassi Vacca Super Too Hot ($24,000 when bought)
Pfister Comet Sports Too Hot ($10,000 when bought)
Truffade Adder Super Too Hot
Truffade Z-Type Sports Classic Too Hot
Vapid Bullet Super Too Hot ($15,500 when bought)
Vapid Hotknife Muscle Free Car- Can't Sell