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A stretch of the freeway in Downtown Los Santos, GTA San Andreas.

The Los Santos Freeway is a highway in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Los Santos Freeway, also known as Interstate 25, is a major highway connecting Los Santos with Las Venturas and Red County. The highway is a four lane highway with a wide median in Red County. But, in Los Santos it has predominantly a median with a concrete barrier, but at times it's like a curb with street lamps in the middle of the freeway for illumination at night. In Downtown it meets Interstate 125, a short freeway to go near Grove Street, where Carl Johnson lives. Near the airport, for a short time, the median has two guard rails on each side keeping traffic to their own side, this is due to a tunnel upon which the freeway must encounter. The freeway ends briefly in Ocean Docks and becomes a major road (as Interstate 425) through East Beach. Then, after clearing the docks and a few residential home (by way of traffic lights) it becomes a freeway again, on the other side of Red County. When it nears Las Venturas at the Montgomery Intersection, it turns and heads west towards its starting point, while staying in Red County the second time around, which makes it a looped highway.

Traffic on the freeway is often chaotic as drivers cut each other off and cause pile ups and eventually explosions when one or more cars over turn or when the player fires a rocket from a rocket launcher at the traffic. At that time, drivers will try and flee their cars before they explode, but usually they die in the process and then it sets off a chain reaction as drivers who didn't flee their cars try to outrun the pileups and subsequent explosions. Most times, they succeed. Sometimes, they fail and die whilst trying to escape. The traffic levels bounce off from time to time, as traffic tries to get where they need to go. Sometimes, it's an easy commute with little traffic, while other times it can be a nightmare with a lot of traffic, especially around the Los Santos International Airport area. 


Most of the traffic along I-25, the Los Santos Freeway, is within the city limits of Los Santos, and is primarily residential traffic. By the Los Santos International Airport, Buses and Coaches join the freeway along with other commercial vehicles. In Red County, the traffic is more rural and industrious as Linerunners frequently use this stretch of the freeway along with other semis.


Here are some of the roads the Los Santos Freeway meets (freeways included)

The "northbound" route is the freeway going clockwise, the "southbound" route goes counter-clockwise.

The exits are listed in clockwise order.

Exit # Exits Destinations Remarks
1 Palomino Creek 1

North: Harry Gold Parkway

West: Julius Thruway West, Bone County, San Fierro

East: Julius Thruway East

Half-clover interchange
2 Palomino Creek 2 East: Red County, Los Santos Three-way interchange
3 Los Santos - Red County Los Santos - Red County West: Vinewood

Three-way interchange

4 East Beach

West: Vinewood, Mullholland Drive

East: El Corona

Four-way interchange
5 Playa del Seville 1 East: East Beach Freeway Extension

Two-way intersection

Southbound exit only

6 Playa del Seville 2 East: Los Santos International Airport Four-way intersection
7 Ocean Docks 1

West: Verona Beach

East: Los Santos International Airport

Four way intersection
8 Ocean Docks 2 East: Ocean Docks

Four-way intersection

Southbound exit only

9 Ocean Docks 3 West: Ocean Docks

Two way intersection

Northbound exit only

10 Ocean Docks 4 East: Ocean Docks

Two way intersection

11 Verdant Bluffs West: Ocean Docks Four-way intersection with overpass
12 Los Santos International Airport North: Playa del Seville

A unique interchange with ramps on the southbound side and a road that forms a wye on the northbound side

13 East Beach Freeway Extension West: Playa del Seville Semi-direction T-interchange
14 Mullholland Intersection West: East Beach Four-stack interchange
15 Vinewood

West: Los Santos

East: Red County, Palomino Creek

Half-trumpet interchange

Northbound exit, southbound entrance

16 Red County

West: Palomino Creek

East: Los Santos

Half-clover interchange

Take to start the northbound portion all over again or continue northbound to exit 17

17 Julius Thruway South: Palomino Creek Four-way intersection



  • The highway has a total length of 5.5 miles (8.8 kilometers), making it the longest highway in San Andreas.

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