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Los Santos Freeway (HD Universe)

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Los Santos Freeway (HD Universe)
Los Santos Freeway

Route 13 and Interstate 1 sign

Road information
South end: Strawberry Ave
North end: Senora Freeway

The Los Santos Freeway (I-1, Route 13) is a freeway in Los Santos County, San Andreas.

Route description

The highway begins from the south on Los Santos Blvd, at the intersection with the Del Perro Freeway in East Vinewood. It begins as a six lane urban freeway traveling through northeast, intersecting the Racetrack and Vinewood Bowl. It then begins to turn north while narrowing to a rural four-lane freeway at the Route 18 interchange, as it skirts along the western edge of the Tataviam Mountains. This part is co-signed with Route 13. At the intersection of the Palomino Freeway, I-1 loses its concurrency, and the freeway continues as the Senora Freeway .



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