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[[Image:LosSantosInternationalAirport.jpg|thumb|right|340px|Los Santos International Airport]]
The '''Los Santos International Airport''' ('''LSX''') in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] is based on the real-life [[wp:LAX|Los Angeles International Airport]] (LAX). LSX is located at the southern end of [[Los Santos in GTA III Era|Los Santos]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' could refer to:
*[[Los Santos International Airport (3D Universe)]] ([[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]])
The airport is stated as being the fourth busiest airport in the world. The airport was originally built as an airfield for the Los Santos Air National Guard. In 1942, it was converted for commercial flights. The airport is made up of five gates that are connected by a U-shaped two-level main terminal.<ref name="manual">''Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - City Guides'' (PC manual) p.15</ref> The airport is located on the freeway, but there are also direct road links into the center of the city.
*[[Los Santos International Airport (HD Universe)]] ([[Grand Theft Auto V]])
There is always a [[Shamal]] and a [[Dodo]] parked at the airport, with [[Baggage]] carts and [[Tug]]s, either parked or being driven around, often alongside other vehicles. The player can purchase [[Juank Air]] flights to and from [[Las Venturas Airport]] and [[Easter Bay International Airport]] for $500, but no flights actually take off or land without the player instigating it.
[[File:Hkll;.png|thumb|300px|Level 1 of LSX Airport]]
==Getting Onto the Runway==
Technically, the player cannot access the runway area or the aircraft therein prior to completing [[Pilot School]] and obtaining a pilot's licence. However it is possible to enter the runway area prior to this from the very start of the game.
The most common method is to park a vehicle next to the entrance gate (where the message indicating forbidden entry is shown), climbing onto the car and scrambling over the fence. It is possible then to open the gate from inside and access any vehicles the player may wish to take inside (such as a bike to complete the two unique stunt jumps inside the gates).
An alternate method is to park a bike near the gate, carjack a [[Packer]] when it drives by, and use the Packer as a ramp to jump into the runway area (with the potential of an insane stunt bonus).
An easier and better method than the above is to sprint, jump and grab hold of the roof of the security building, without using a vehicle. Then the player can climb onto the building and walk into the runway area.
Once inside, the player should find at least one flyable aircraft (this is not the case at the Easter Bay and Las Venturas airports where all aircraft are locked until Pilot School is completed or a Pilot's Licence is obtained. However, if the player flies to [[Las Venturas International Airport|LVX]], the [[AT-400]] will be automatically unlocked.). Flying the aircraft for a certain length of time will result in the player obtaining a pilot's licence, unlocking all the airports, although to progress the storyline the pilot school missions must still be completed.
Note: although it's a restricted area, entering the runway area of Los Santos International or of any of the airports does ''not'' result in a [[wanted level]] for Carl (unless Carl flies into Easter Bay or Las Venturas before those regions are unlocked).
==Weapons and Pickups==
*[[Body Armor]]
*[[TEC 9|Tec-9]]
*The Los Santos Airport is the only airport in the game that is not featured in a mission. [[Easter Bay International Airport]] was featured in the missions [[Ran Fa Li (mission)|Ran Fa Li]] and [[Mike Toreno (mission)|Mike Toreno]], and the [[Las Venturas Airport]] was featured in the missions [[Freefall]], [[Dam and Blast]] and [[Saint Marks Bistro]].
*The runways are also a great place for testing car speeds and stunting. There are many ramps at the ends of runways. Also, there are slanted, rectangular, platforms in between the runways. There are 3 sets of them, and provided they have a great car and room to gain speed, the player can reach jump distances of around 250+ feet, depending on the car used.
*The ramps at both ends of the runway can be used to recover the airplane from crashing if it has not reached the proper speed for a takeoff. They can also be used when landing if the player has not slowed down enough, although this may result in the aircraft exploding. They are lastly a quick exit if you are using a car inside the airport.
*When entering the airport via the gate, the security guard will make comments such as "They'll give a pilot's license to anybody these days." or "Pilots are looking younger these days!". Conversely, if the player attempts to enter the airport ''without'' a pilot's license, the security guard will say "Only people holding a valid pilot's license may enter".
*If you shoot the security guard, his body will disappear instead of staying on the ground.
*The airport is the only airport in San Andreas to feature two active runways. Both of the runways are 700 metres long and connect to one another at one end.
*No aircraft ever takes off or lands in this airport, despite the fact that many different planes can be seen flying over various parts of San Andreas.
*Los Santos Airport features the exact same terminal roof-art work as [,_Shoreside_Vale Francis International Airport] in Liberty City, when the artwork is supposed to be exclusive to Los Santos Airport.
*Two [[Tags|Gang Tags]]
*Three [[Unique Stunt Jumps in GTA San Andreas|Unique stunt jumps]] (two of which are located behind the gates to the runway)
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="4" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" widths="265" orientation="none">
Image:LosSantosInternationalAirport-GTASA-map.jpg|A map of LSX.
Image:LSXTarmac.jpg|The runway of the LSX.
Image:LSIAControlTower.jpg|The [[wp:Control Tower|Control Tower]] in LSX.
Image:LSIAEntrance.jpg|The entrance of the LSX with some signs.
800px-Airport_LS.jpg|The view of LSX from [[Verdant Bluffs]].
gallery155.jpg|A pilot outside the airport
gallery156.jpg|Airplane mechanic
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