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Los Santos International Airport (HD Universe)

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For the airport in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Los Santos International Airport (3D Universe)

Overview of the airport

"One of the busiest airports in the world, with nowhere near enough infrastructure to support it, Los Santos International brings third-world service to first-world travel."
Grand Theft Auto V digital manual

Los Santos International Airport (LSIA or LSX) is an international airport located in Los Santos, to the west of the port and to the south of La Puerta. The airport has 3 runways, 1 on its north-western side and 2 on its southern side.

Like its 3D Universe rendition, it is based off the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).



North-western side runway, near the main terminal.

The airport consists of three runways, one on its north-western side used for small business jets and two on its southern side used for large commercial jets. This is the first game in the HD universe that has planes taking off and landing on their own, and is also the first game in the HD universe that allows the player to fully control the large Boeing 747 commercial Jets.

The aircraft seen in the airport belong to multiple distinct airlines, unlike all other airports in the series who only had aircraft belonging to one specific airline (like Plummet Airlines in Escobar International or FlyUS in Francis International).

Trespassing on the runways will result in a three-star wanted level. If a hangar is purchased by Franklin or Michael, you can roam around the entire airport safely. NOOSE has a branch based at LSX.


The airport has 2 unique jumps on its Terminal, which are small runway ads that moves up to a 90 degree angle. It also offers a flight school, which can be used by all 3 characters to boost their flight skills.

As mentioned before, there are two hangars south of the runways that can each be purchased by either Michael or Franklin. They can be used to store aircraft or vehicles bought from Warstock Cache & Carry. Trevor cannot purchase a hangar probably due to him being able to access the one on Sandy Shores Airfield

Devin Weston has his own hangar which is located to the left as soon as the player enters the runway area. Molly Schultz is accidentally killed when a Jet turns on its engine in this hangar during Legal Trouble

Airlines and Destinations

Airlines Destinations
Adios Airlines

Liberty City, Puerto Rico

Air EMU -
AirSol Liberty City
Caipira Airways Brazil
FlyUS Liberty City, Las Venturas, Vice City
Herler Airlines -

Roads and Streets

  • Exceptionalists Way
  • New Empire Way


Law Enforcement



  • While LSIA is the only international airport in Grand Theft Auto V, there is also a long airstrip in Fort Zancudo, a regional airport in Grand Senora Desert, and a small dirt airstrip in Grapeseed.
  • Entering the airport will give you a 3 star wanted level until it has been bought, as opposed to GTA IV's 4 stars.
  • This airport is one of the only known spawn points for the Stretch. One of the hangars on the airport grounds has both a white and black Stretch parked outside, most likely for the transport of VIPs to and from the airport.

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