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Lifeguard unit.

The Los Santos Lifeguard is an emergency service based in Los Santos that provides safety to the public on Vespucci Beach and Del Perro Beach. They have several lookout points located along both beaches, as well as a large station and the southern point of Vespucci Beach.


Lifeguard SUV - Found at several points on the beach during the daytime hours; and one always spawns parked at the large lifeguard station.

Lifeguard Blazer - ATV with a more utilitarian design than the regular Blazer. Found patrolling and parked on the beach during daytime hours.

Lifeguard Seashark - Version of the SeaShark with a red lifeguard paintjob. Can be found floating unoccupied just off shore at Vespucci Beach.

Lifeguard Frogger - Frogger with a bright green paintjob. Commonly seen flying northwards above Pacific Bluffs and Chumash, however it is unobtainable even if you manage to get it safely on the ground.

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