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This article is about the Los Santos Police Department in GTA V. For the police department in GTA San Andreas, see LSPD in 3D Universe.

The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) is the police department for Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto V. The LSPD is based on the Los Angeles Police Department  (LAPD). They are more professional than the prequel's police department and there are also female police officers in the game. The LSPD is cooperating with the Los Santos County Sheriff Department.



The LSPD has multiple types of vehicles at their disposal, including:

  • The Police Cruiser, based on the 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria; marked and unmarked. The marked version can be seen mostly parked at police stations and will also be used to patrol and respond to crimes in the Downtown area of Los Santos. The unmarked version can also be found around Downtown Los Santos.
  • The Police Interceptor, designed after the new Ford Taurus Police Interceptor showcasing new LED style lightbars, working alley lights, wig wag tail lights, flashing head lights, grill lights, windshield and back windows lights and push bar lights. This vehicle can be found at police stations as well as on patrol and responding to crimes/chasing criminals. It is also the main squad car the LSPD uses.
  • The Police Buffalo, based on the Dodge Charger. This vehicle is rarely seen, it is used to patrol the Downtown area of Los Santos and on the desert satelites.
  • The Police Transporter, based on a Second generation Burrito. It is used to patrol certain parts of Los Santos but will appear mostly during a wanted level of 3 stars or higher, in roadblocks where it will deploy a spike strip.
  • The FIB Granger. It will spawn sometimes at desert satelites, or when the player is wanted, when it will be used to transport SWAT  units.
  • The Police Maverickbased on the real-life American Eurocopter AS350B-2 A-Star, It can be seen parked on certain police station roofs and can also be seen patrolling the skies and chasing criminals. It will start showing up at a wanted level of 3 and more of them will show up at higher wanted levels. 


LSPD Officers wear all navy blue uniforms resembling their real life counterparts in the LAPD. They wear either long or short-sleeved duty shirts, on which their badges, resembling the LAPD silver badge, is displayed on their left side. They wear long duty pants and are also equipped with a duty belt, which contains a radio, a pair of handcuffs, ammo  cases, and what appears to be what resembles a Glock 22. Some can also be seen wearing a police hat.


Weapons and Equipment


  • In GTA V, what appears to be Bigfoot appears on the LSPD Emblem, possibly a nod to the Bigfoot rumors from GTA San Andreas.
  • Their slogan is "Obey & Survive".
  • The Wanted Level in GTA V is more advanced than in previous games, as a police helicopters chase the player nearly at ground level with officers engaging with advanced weapons, when having a three, four or five stars wanted level.
  • Unlike other GTA games where the police is chasing the player with the police car, the police have better driving skill, and they drive much faster compared to other GTA games even at lower wanted level.
  • An in-game news article that says a man was arrested for using his camera to film the cops and they shot his dog for "good measure" is likely based on the real life incident that happened earlier this year. A man filmed cops at a crime scene and had his car radio on very loud and was arrested for it, while being handcuffed, his dog jumped out of the car window and barked and leaped at (but not attacked) the cops while trying to get to his owner. One of the cops responded by shooting the dog dead. This obviously caused uproar and anger from the public.[1][2]
  • Unlike most Grand Theft Auto games, nor the LSPD or the LSCS use NOOSE trucks of any kind at higher wanted levels. The NOOSE truck is replaced by the Sheriff SUVPolice Transporter and the FIB Granger.
  • When chased at a 2 star wanted level and above the officers in cars wear bulletproof vests over their uniform.
  • SWAT Officers will fast-rope from helicopters to attack the player rather than simply shooting at him from the police helicopter.
  • If you have a wanted level and are being chased by a police car occupied by two police officers and shoot the driver dead, the other police officer will throw the dead police officer out the car to move into the drivers seat and resume the chase. 
  • The LSPD in GTA V is arguably much more aggressive than the police any other GTA game. If the player stands next to an officer for more than 10 seconds, they instantly will earn a two star Wanted level prompting the officer in question to shoot the player dead. They also use spike strips and will not hesitate to ram the player off the road, even if it means the destruction of their own cars.
  • The LSPD, like the real LAPD, is often accused of racism. This is backed by the fact that the LSPD are currently creating "minority quotas" in order to help boost their reputation.
  • In the LSPD emblem on the top is the Epsilon Program symbol.





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