Los Santos Police Headquarters is the main law enforcement structure of the Los Santos Police Department, and sits on the east end of Pershing Square, caddy-corner to City Hall in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This is where the player will re-spawn after being arrested anywhere within Los Santos city limits. This is also a recurring site during Los Santos missions. The building is based on the Beverly Hills City Hall.


The building is eight stories tall, with an underground parking garage. It features a public reception area, as well as offices and facilities for officers including a locker room and showers. The holding area is relatively small, consisting of only two cells, however it is possible that a larger detention facility would be located elsewhere in the building.

There is a parking lot to the north of the building, however vehicles are not parked here at any time. It is protected by a barrier manned by a uniformed officer. There is a second, unoccupied, security booth at the entrance to the underground parking garage. The garage consists of approximately thirty spaces, with an unusable door to the interior of the building.

Police presence

Officers can be found in the reception area carrying out administrative tasks, and moving around elsewhere in the building. An officer also mans the security booth at the entrance to the parking lot. Officers can be found in the underground garage maintaining vehicles, harassing suspects and returning to and from their vehicles.

Unlike future games, officers do not spawn around the exterior of the building except when part of pedestrian traffic.

Events of GTA San Andreas

After beginning to regain the trust of his fellow Grove Street Families members and his brother Sweet, Carl Johnson finds himself helping to rebuild the fractured gang in an attempt to revisit its former glory. During the process, Big Smoke asks Carl to help him pick up a friend recently released from prison. They drive off to meet OG Loc, who is waiting on the steps of Los Santos Police Headquarters. After picking him up, they head off to deal with some of Loc's "unfinished" business in East Los Santos.

Much later in the story, Carl returns to Los Santos Police Headquarters, this time to pick up Sweet after he is released from prison by Mike Toreno, as had been promised to Carl. Carl is excited to show Sweet all he has been doing while he has been incarcerated, bragging about burgeoning business ventures in San Fierro and Las Venturas. Sweet adamantly refuses, and again challenges Carl's allegiance to the Grove Street Families, demanding that he help him regain their home from the crack dealers and rival Ballas that have taken it over. They then head off to wrap up the last chapters of the story.

Police Attention

If the player goes around the gate and into the impound garage, they will get a three-star wanted level. And if a gun is drawn inside the police station, a two-star wanted level will be attained. The only weapons that can be brandished inside any police station in the state of San Andreas are grouped under Slot 1 (Fists and Brass Knuckles), Slot 2 (Melee Weapons) and Slot 11 (Cane, Flowers and Dildos). Although grouped in the same Slot 12 (Gear), Night Vision and Thermal Goggles do trigger the wanted level but the Parachute does not. Even though the player holds a non-weapon item, like a camera, the player will still obtain a two-star wanted level. This results in an unrealistic situation where the player can freely hold a Katana or a Chainsaw, but not other much benign objects.

Stationary Vehicles

  • Police Car - Inside the impound lot.
  • Police Maverick - On the southeast corner of the lower rooftop (after Learning to Fly).
  • Random vehicles may sometimes be found inside the impound lot. In rare occasions, only police cars spawn.



  • It is possible to access the roof (and the Maverick on it) of the police station by going to the highway behind it. Get a car and put it on the highway's railing, then jump on top of the car and jump from there to the building. If the player has a decent cycling skill, it is possible to bunny hop from the highway to the roof as well.
  • Having a melee weapon selected will allow Carl to pick up weapons in the building without triggering a wanted level. This is a good way to pick up ammo or body armor early in the game.