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Los Santos Tower in GTA San Andreas.

The Los Santos Tower is a massive skyscraper in Downtown, Los Santos. It is the tallest building in the State of San Andreas, standing at a height of 1,018 ft (310 m). It is a replica of the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, California

GTA San Andreas

Players may make Carl Johnson jump from the rooftop, as the rooftop is accessible from the ground entrance. There is a parachute spawn on the rooftop, making it safer to base jump. Occasionally, a Maverick will also spawn at the helipad on the rooftop.

A tower with the same exact design as the Los Santos Tower returns in GTA V, now called the Maze Bank Tower.

The tower is slightly taller than its real life counterpart. This appears to have been changed in Grand Theft Auto V, as the building seems to have a more realistic height-to-width proportion.


Due to a loading glitch, the tower will occasionally appear mostly invisible, except for the top. This has led to some misconceptions that the "floating" helipad is a UFO.



  • The Los Santos Tower is popularly known as the "star tower".

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