Los Santos Traffic Control

The logo of the LST Traffic Control System.

The Los Santos Transport Traffic Control System is a computer program that controls the traffic flow and traffic lights of the city of Los Santos. It uses designed algorithms and video feeds from intersections to control and manipulate traffic lights and control traffic conditions to allow a more efficient and effective flow for the city. It is based on the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.


The system is considered a high security program due to the ability to control the city's traffic and therefore requires great skill to hack into the system. A lesser skilled hacker will cause lag in the traffic lights making manipulation of the traffic lights more difficult. The layout of the system shows a map of Los Santos with the intersections and the current traffic signal status (Either red or green). The operator can zoom in on the intersection and click on the particular set of lights to switch them from green to red or red to green, and also has remote access to security cameras in each intersection.

Mission appearances

"We tapped into the traffic light system. I'll try to keep'em away from you"
Franklin during The Big Score.

The system becomes usable when doing the subtle approach in the mission The Big Score in Grand Theft Auto V. As Franklin, the player is tasked to hack into the traffic lights in Pillbox Hill, in order to safely guide Trevor and Michael, driving two Securicars full of gold bricks, to Strawberry, while Merryweather patrols the street to find them.



  • This part of the mission in The Big Score is based on the movie, The Italian Job from 2003 where the hacker hacks into the Los Angeles Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control Operations Center to control the traffic lights forcing a gold filled armored van to go where the thieves wanted it to go.
  • The logo lettering and font is similar to the Los Santos Transit.