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The Los Santos Triads are a large Chinese crime syndicate in Grand Theft Auto V, appearing as the secondary group of antagonists, alongside the Ballas. The Triads are led by Wei Cheng, the father of Tao Cheng.


Events of GTA V

Tao Cheng, the son of Triad boss Wei Cheng, and his translator meet with drug dealer Trevor Phillips about a business partnership as the Triads seek to expand in Blaine County. However, they end up choosing to do business with the O'Neil brothers due to Trevor's violent and reckless behaviour and the attack of his meth lab at the hands of the Varrios Los Aztecas, in revenge for Trevor's earlier attack (or murder of Aztecas member Ortega). Trevor learns about the partnership after he assaults Tao and forces the translator to reveal their partners, after which Trevor kills most of the O'Neil brothers and destroys their farm as retribution for stealing his contract.

In act of vengeance for assaulting his son and taking out their business partners in Blaine County, Wei Cheng sent some of his men to search for Trevor. They discovered that he was flying to North Yankton and followed him. During Trevor and Michael's standoff, the Triads attack. Trevor managed to escape, but they captured Michael, who they believed to be Trevor's lover. After holding Michael hostage for a few days they realized that Trevor wasn't turning up, however Franklin did, and he and Michael escaped, killing all the Triads in their way.

In the end of GTA V, if the player chooses the 'Deathwish' option, Franklin will head to Wei and Tao's location, assassinating the former while having an option to kill the latter.


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