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For the gang in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Los Santos Vagos (3D Universe)
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The Los Santos Vagos, also known as LSV or Vagos, are a large Mexican street gang appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.  They are said to be the largest hispanic street gang in Los Santos and are rumored to have connections with some Mafia groups, according to The Underbelly Of Paradise TV show. The Vagos are also known to be heavily involved in drug trafficking.


The Vagos control almost the entire neighborhood of Rancho. However, Varrios Los Aztecas are sometimes seen in northern Rancho. Jamestown St. and the housing projects in the southern part of Rancho are particular hotspots for Vago activity, as well as various backalleys like Cypress Flats. In the storyline mission, Repossession, Vagos are found in Vespucci Beach. However, after the mission is completed, Vagos will be replaced by Marabunta Grande.

Los Santos Vagos members are seen driving cars and hanging out in groups on the sidewalk, smoking cigarettes and drinking Pißwasser. They are easily identified by their mostly yellow attire.

Mission appearances

GTA Online



  • The Vagos make their first and only appearance in the mission Reposession.
  • They could possibly be based on various Surenos 13 gangs around South Central Los Angeles, as Vagos members are often seen wearing the number 13.
  • Gustavo Mota was originally a member of the Vagos.



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