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[[File:GTA San Andreas - Mission 24 - Los Sepulcros (HD)|full|left|539 px]]
[[File:GTA San Andreas - Mission 24 - Los Sepulcros (HD)|full|left|539 px]]
[[Category:Missions in GTA San Andreas]]
[[Category:Missions in GTA San Andreas]]

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"Looks like that buster's wearing armor. Might take a round or two to drop his ass. OK, CJ, you take Kane, and we'll take the rest of these fools out."
— Sweet about Kane.

Los Sepulcros is a mission given to the player by Sweet, at his house in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas. This mission can only be played between the hours of 09:00 to 17:00.


The Ballas are holding a funeral for Little Weasel (whom you killed during Doberman), and, according to Sweet, all of the Ballas OG's are going to be there. Carl recruits some gang members to assist them, and they race to the cemetery before the funeral starts. Once there, Sweet and the gang members will hop over the wall and tell Carl that it is clear, so Carl follows. A cutscene will show Kane getting out of his car wearing body armor.


Carl kills Kane and the Ballas protecting him. Once Kane is dead, Sweet, Carl, and the surviving Grove Street Family members drive back to Grove Street.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get those gang members to join you. They respect you enough to provide help
  • Get in the car with your gang and take them to the funeral
  • Climb over the wall and approach Sweet and his men
  • Kill Kane, don't let him get away
  • Kane's dead! Take out the rest of his men now
  • Get in the car and drive Sweet back home


If the black Greenwood arrives, and the player kills Kane before reaching the car and killing all the Ballas, upon returning to Grove Street, Sweet will not say anything, and the game will stay stuck in cutscene mode, and the screen will display the text "Kane is making a dash for that car". To prevent this glitch, simply kill Kane before the car comes, or destroy the Greenwood.


  • Kane - Killed by Carl Johnson on orders of Sweet to deal damage to the Ballas.


  • If the player does not kill Kane fast enough, a Greenwood picks him up and you have to chase him down. The Greenwood has a unique black paintjob, so you may consider storing it in a garage.
  • An easy way to kill Kane is to just make a mad dash for the Admiral and run him over, then use the same Admiral as cover to gun the rest of the Ballas down.
  • The Ballas are seen driving an Admiral in this mission, which is unusual because they usually use the Tahoma as their primary vehicle.
  • Sweet refers to Little Weasel as "one of the Ballas that you and Smoke laid out". Big Smoke is absent in the mission Doberman, in which Little Weasel is killed, possibly suggesting that Smoke was present in the beta.
  • Los Sepulcros translates from Spainsh to "The Graves".
  • If you have a Wanted Level while attacking Kane (a wanted level will always be attained unless the "Lock Wanted Level" cheat is on or if you kill Kane hand-to-hand) a police officer will spawn in the middle of the cemetery. But unlike any other cops, this one just wanders and does not arrest or attack you. This is probably a glitch in the mission script.
  • There is a glitch in this mission that occurs if you target Sweet with a weapon before he enters his car; Carl will threaten him as he were an NPC. After this, Sweet will no longer enter his car, the door will lock, and the whole mission script will stop. Reloading the game and retrying can be done to avoid the glitch.


Video walkthroughs

GTA San Andreas - Mission 24 - Los Sepulcros (HD)05:49

GTA San Andreas - Mission 24 - Los Sepulcros (HD)


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