Loss/Theft Prevention is a feature added in Grand Theft Auto Online.


This feature covers a Tracker and Full Coverage for player's Personal Vehicles. It was first introduced when Simeon Yetarian calls the player and suggests that the Online Protagonist should obtain a Personal Vehicle.


A tracker keeps track of the personal vehicle by displaying it on the map. The Tracker can be purchased at Los Santos Customs or if one drives the desired vehicle into an owned garage, it will automatically place a tracker on that vehicle. It is recommended that one puts full coverage on a personal vehicle, just in case if the vehicle gets destroyed or gets impounded by the Police.

Full Coverage

Full Coverage recovers a personal vehicle if it ever gets destroyed. The player must first purchase a Tracker for the vehicle to unlock Full Coverage. This option will charge one a fee depending on what type of vehicle the player is currently in. If the personal vehicle was destroyed, the player will be notified by a message saying "Your personal vehicle has been destroyed. You can call Mors Mutual Insurance to make a claim." The player will have to call Mors Mutual Insurance to recover the personal vehicle, and pay a premium fee (1.25% of the vehicle's buying price) in order to get that vehicle back. Once the player pays the premium fee, the vehicle will then spawn at the Pillbox Hill Garage on Adam's Apple Boulevard.

If another online player destroys the owner's personal vehicle, he/she will get a Bad Sport penalty for destroying a player's vehicle and will be forced to pay for the fee instead of the car owner or vice-versa.


  • The Insurgent and the Elegy RH8 are the only two vehicles that have a premium other than 1.25% the cost of buying it.
  • If another player destroys your personal vehicle while you have a bounty on your head and driving said vehicle, that player will not have to pay towards the insurance premium and will not get a Bad Sport penalty.
    • Once you call Mors Mutual Insurance, you will find that that there will be "No Charge" towards paying your premium.
  • Pressing the down button on the D-pad when inside a player's garage will result in a stat page where one can see if the vehicles are insured or uninsured.
  • Vehicles that are purchased at and will already have a Tracker and Full Coverage.
  • To save some money, going to the garage will automatically set a tracker on the vehicle for free. After, the player can go to Los Santos Customs to put Full Coverage.
  • The Collector's Edition vehicles were originally fitted with loss/theft prevention via a glitch. However, since the patch, if the vehicles are destroyed, they are rendered unrecoverable.

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