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Lost MC-Angels of Death MC War

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The Lost MC - Angels of Death War, known also as the Bikers War, was a gang war fought between The Lost MC, and The Angels of Death that started before and is fought during the events Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (?-2008). The participants of the war were Billy Grey, Johnny Klebitz, Jim Fitzgerald, Brian Jeremy, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, Jason Michaels and some other Angels of Death bikers.


† indicates that this character is deceased

The Lost MC

Angels of Death MC

Uptown Riders



First war

The Start of the War before 2008

It's unknown how started the war, though it is rumored that Angels of Death member Albert Lawson caused it by sleeping with a mother of a member of The Lost. It pretty much became a mindless violent war. At one point of the war, Billy was arrested for a drug related felony and sent to rehab. Johnny Klebitz soon became the president and started a truce with The Angels of Death. Since he thought it was pointless kill each other for no reason and needed to do business without interruption. Joe Jon also demanded to have Billy's bike since it put his nephew in a coma. Johnny needed the money and the peace so he let them take Billy's bike.

The Restart of the War during 2008

Once Billy Grey was released from rehab, he found out that his bike was given to the The Angels of Death. Billy was pissed, but Johnny explained that they needed peace and the money. Nevertheless, all the senior members of the Lost sought for the bike, only to find it at an Angels of Death hangout in Northwood. After a shootout and deaths of roughly a dozen Angels, Billy got his bike and they all rode back to their clubhouse.

The Early Stages of the War

While Billy was having is homecoming party, the Angels of Death drove by and asked if the truce was over. Billy confirms it is by shooting a Angels of Death member. Johnny, Jason and two other bikers chased the rest of them in a long chase through Alderney and Algonquin. After that, Billy was informed that some of The Lost bikers were being jumped by the Angels in Acter Industrial. Billy, Johnny, Brian and three others went and helped the bikers and fought off an army of Angels of Death in two big battles. Immediatly after, Billy was told that Jason was killed in Broker by some Serb or Russian. The next day, Billy took all the senior members to the Angels of Death clubhouse in Northwood. Billy, Johnny, Jim, Brian, Terry and Clay took out the Angels of Death army, then Billy and Johnny stormed the clubhouse, eliminated the rest of the Angels and stole two bags of heroin. Johnny got in an argument with Billy wether it was right to steal the heroin and about Billy claiming it was payback for Jason. Around the same time, Johnny and Jim planned to steal some Angels of Death bikes for someone. They killed a bunch of them and succesfuly stole the bikes.

The Middle of the War

The War had significantly calmed down, after Billy was re-arrested. Johnny became president again and allies with the Uptown Riders, who supply them with pipe bombs, which Johnny used to destroy a bunch of Angels drug vans. While on a mission for Elizabeta, Johnny and members of the Uptown Riders attack a huge Angels of Death convoy and succesfuly stole the van, which is probably full of cocaine.

The End of the War

The Lost MC had suffered alot, Bily was arrested and Jason, Jim, Brian and many members were killed during the Lost Civil War. Once Johnny found out that Billy had agreed to testify against the rest of The Lost in exchange for immunity, Johnny, Clay and Terry killed Billy in prison.

Post-Billy Era

After Billy was killed, they headed back to their clubhouse and found it ruined. Johnny, Terry, Clay and Angus burned down the clubhouse to put it out of its misery and rid themselves of the bad memories caused by Billy. It is unknown what became of the Alderney chapter after this.

Second War

In 2009 the war with the Angels of Death was reignited by The Lost MC's Broker chapter. They rode around on Angels of Death turf as a direct threat. Lester Leroc, a private detective, was hired by Hsin Jaoming to find out if there was a person in the Angels of Death who ratted out Hsin's triad family. Lester himself wasn't quite the big hero so he asked for the help of Huang Lee, a member of Hsin's triads, to pull of some stunts while dressed as Lester so that Lester would be patched in with the Angels of Death. While doing so Huang had to kill several The Lost MC members as a condition of his prospecting. However, in one of the confrontations one of Huang's targets somehow escaped and likely informed the club.


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