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The Loudhailer is a weapon that was cut from the final version of Grand Theft Auto V.


It is a hand-held megaphone and is unobtainable during gameplay. Its textures and model can be found in the games files. The design found in the game files appears to be based on the standard, handheld electric megaphone (albeit with a plain silver tint and no accessories attached).


The Loudhailer would have most likely amplified the protagonists voice when using it, much like a real one. It is unknown how it would have been used exactly. It could have been a mission-exclusive weapon (like the Remote Sniper, for example) and have been used as just a means to let the protagonist amplify their voice, and nothing else. Another way it may have been used is by bashing someone with it, as a melee weapon, or it may have been used to "stun" enemies, as a sonic weapon.