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For the band, see Love Fist.

The Love Fist is a customized limousine in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Love Fist Limousine is a heavily modified derivative of the game's Stretch limousine used by the rock band Love Fist, being generally shorter and featuring aggressive modifications, such as a supercharged engine and side-mounted exhaust pipes, as well as lacking the Stretch's trunk-mounted "boomerang" TV antennae and sunroof.

The car is invariably painted red, as well as featuring a matching red interior and tinted windows around the rear compartment. The limo also features custom "LUVF1ST" license plate, the earliest car in the series with a customized license plate.


Fitting for its appearance and the lifestyle of the band members that the limo is meant to cart around, the Love Fist possesses superior performance over the Stretch with better acceleration and speed, as well as slightly better cornering due to its shorter wheelbase.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The Love Fist limousine becomes a prominent feature of two Love Fist missions, Psycho Killer and Publicity Tour. "Psycho Killer" involves the player having to lure out a would be killer for Love Fist by driving an empty Love Fist limo to a fan gathering. For "Publicity Tour", a crazed fan of Love Fist has placed a bomb in their limo, and has set it to go off should the car drop to a certain speed. Tommy must maintain the limo at near top-speed, while the drunken band attempt at length to defuse the bomb.


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