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The Lowdown 91.1

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"The groove, the soul, the R&B. You dig?"
―GTA V Website.

The Lowdown 91.1 is a radio station that plays funk, soul and jazz music featured in Grand Theft Auto V. 'Mama G' Pam Grier is the radio DJ. The radio station appears to be based on Master Sounds 98.3, a radio station from GTA San Andreas that plays the same type as music as this does.


Deleted Songs

GTA V's trackID.gxt2 database reveals more songs were planned to appear on the station but were not included in the final version.


  • In game, Cruisin' is incorrectly credited to Smokey Robinson and The Miracles.  Smokey had split from the group for seven years by the time the song was released.  The digital game manual credits the song solely to Smokey Robinson, however.

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