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[[Category:Deceased Characters|Silvestri, Luca]]

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Luca Silvestri is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Luca is a Soldier of the Pegorino Family led by James Pegorino. Luca is a close friend and also an associate to Johnny Barbosa and Joe DiLeo who are other associates of the gang. He is a waste collector working for Ray Boccino to collect the garbage bags filled with diamonds.

Events of GTA IV

Luca, along with the other members of his sub-crew (Joseph DiLeo and Johnny Barbosa), were introduced in the GTAIV mission Taking in the Trash in which Ray sends Niko to assist them in picking up the Diamonds that Johnny Klebitz left in two Algonquin trashbags in the TLAD mission Diamonds in the Rough (which took place at the same time as the TBOGT mission Frosting on the Cake). The foursome were ambushed by unidentified attackers (potentially Gay Tony associates), but escaped. After escaping, Dileo along with the other members betrayed Boccino and Bellic by taking the money for themselves (mentioning that they were planning to go to Las Venturas; but Niko killed them and reclaimed the Diamonds for Ray.

Mission appearances


LCPD Database information

Surname: Silvestri

First Name: Luca

Age: 30

Place of Birth: Alderney City, Alderney

Affiliations: Pegorino Crime Syndicate

Criminal Record:

  • 1993 - Hijacking
  • 1995 - Armed Robbery
  • 1997 - Manslaughter


  • Alderney-based Italian-American hood.
  • Involved in small time criminal activities.
  • Believed to be trying to work his way up through the Pegorino crime family.
  • Works for Ray Boccino and often seen with Joe "Tuna" DiLeo and Johnny "Spaz" Barbosa.


  • Despite what many people think, Silvestri does not share a voice actor with Joseph Kaplan. Silvestri is voiced by Robert Kelly while Kaplan is voiced by Jim Norton. The two have appeared together many times on the Opie & Anthony radio show, where the similarity in their voices has been noted.
  • Luca Silvestri's (Robert Kelly) voice is similar to Joe Pesci's. Some people even thinks that Joe Pesci voiced Luca Silvestri.


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