"We are constantly training and yesterday was no exception. An agent posing as a terror suspect was snatched in a practice raid to see how our systems and processes respond to extreme duress. Despite problems with our funding, people should be relieved to know our systems worked great. You're in safe hands."
— Jacob's declaration about the raid

Lucinda Jacob is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto V.


She works as a spokeswoman for the International Affairs Agency as of 2013.

She is mentioned in a Weazel News article following the events of Three's Company. After Michael, assisted by Franklin and Trevor, raided the IAA Headquarters and abducted Ferdinand Kerimov, who was interrogated there, Jacob announced that the entire raid was in fact a training, which was a cover-up.

She is also mentioned on a Weasel News report on the radio after the mission Blitz Play. On the news report, she confirms the connection between her agency and the security van targeted by the protagonists.